Navigating the Pheedloop Platform

I can’t hear anything!

Check the volume control next to the pause button under the video. Be sure your speakers are on—can you hear the video on another website, like YouTube? Please avoid using mobile devices (cellphones and tablets) because there are not supported. For the best experience, use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop.

I missed a talk I want to review, how can I catch up?

Presentations are played in the order of the schedule.  Once each presentation is finished, you cannot go back to view it on the day of the event.  That being said, you will be able to log back into this platform to review a recording of each presentation and the live Q&A for up to a year. We’ll email you when the on-demand videos are posted.

How can I ask questions?

Type them into the public chat.

Where is the Exhibit Hall?

On the left-hand navigation panel, there is a tab labelled “Exhibit Hall”  click here to enter.  You will see a list of all of the sponsors and exhibitors.  Click on each booth to enter the room. Booths are staffed by subject matter experts who bring a wealth of knowledge.  Booth owners upload valuable information that can be reviewed, downloaded or saved for later.  Take the opportunity to network by trying out the live chat.

Technical Issues

The presentation is slow/keeps freezing.  What can I do?

Check your internet settings.  If possible, connect via wired internet.  If your connection is still unstable, you can adjust the quality of the video.  To do this, hover over the video.  In the bottom right corner, you will see a settings button (looks like a gear)  click on the gear and select a lower quality.

Why do I hear an echo?

Typically, you will hear an echo when the presentation is running on multiple screens or tabs on your computer.  Please ensure you are only logged into the platform once and be sure that you don’t have multiple tabs or browser windows open. Closing all your windows and re-opening one usually solves this.

Can I use my Smartphone to participate?

Unfortunately, the full effect of the Pheedloop platform is not supported on a smartphone or Ipad.  For the best viewing experience, please participate via desktop or laptop computer, using the Google Chrome browser.


How can I get my credits?

Credits will be distributed to those who are logged in and participating in the program until the end of the day.

I missed the “check-in” pop-up.  Will I still receive full credits?

Yes, HAM administrators can see who and when an attendee has logged onto the platform.  If you did not see the check-in box and you were online, you will receive the Certificate of Attendance.

When will Certificates of Attendance be sent out?

Certificates will be sent out the week following the event.  You are able to claim the credits for up to a year.

How many credits will I receive?

HAM has applied for accreditation for this program through the College of Family Physicians of Canada

I am a nurse, PA, pharmacist or student – Will I receive a certificate?

Yes,  all participants will receive a certificate.


How does gamification work?

Gamification is a fun way to engage with the program, network and earn points to collect prizes.  The more you participate, the more opportunities will be available to collect points.  During the talks, “Gamification Codes” will be verbally announced and will pop up on your screen.  Codes can also be found in the Exhibit Hall, emails from the Hamilton Academy of Medicine, or given out by Exhibitors when networking at each booth.